ThE woRlD oF mEeEeE!
Tuesday, March 08, 2005
  ThE wOrLd Of MeEe u r now readin e online diary on a 'hormone raging' girl who is 1) single(yup NO boyfren but lookin 4 1) 2)livin wif my parents, a second mother(tats my second sis)and a sister who is a down syndrome kid.Do u noe tat i REALLY would like 2 pierce my 2nd earhole but my sis say tat i would have until a few months before even CONSIDERING whether anot i m mature enough 2 get it + can u belive it i hav a crush on someone who has a girlfren(his girlfren is one of my bestfrens!)i noe tat i m a b***h and tat i really should not go round and steal other people`s boyfren but i can`t help havin a crush rite:( Anyway good news, i hav thought it over and decided tat i should find a boyfren.(tat is a hint specially 2 single guys)oh and if u can try and leave me your msn acount so tat we can b frens.listen everyone i gotta go 4 tution soo see u guys soon. 

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